Thursday, January 26, 2012

FAB Favorite Follower Award! :)

After the week that I've had (spit on and pushed were only the start of it...) my day was made by the wonderful and sweet Haley at Following Optimism!  She awarded Beth and I the incredibily AWESOME Favorite Follower Award!!!  Thank you so much Haley :)  Haley is the Queen of cuteness, so you need to check her out if you haven't already!

Created by the super cute Mrs. Lamb!!!

So, we're supposed to pick two followers to pass this along to.  I promise we'll just pick two and follow the rules,  but we're going to give some shout outs to some  other AMAZING followers too! (I know, that might be breaking the rules a bit...but, I'm smiling while I doing it and it's to fill someone's bucket, so can you really be mad at me??? :)

We're so very thankful for all of you! So, here goes nothing!

What can I say about the wonderful, kind, and thoughtful Jennifer...
She is our bloggy fairy godmother and forever friend for showing us such kindness and support :)  She is uber creative and ALWAYS has something nice to say! 
We LOVE you Jennifer :)

Christina is a super teacher and also from Michigan!  The girl is inspiring to say the least :)  She always has something amazing going on and kind words for her fellow bloggers!  We LOVE you Christina :)

Thank you to both of you for your kind words and inspiration!
We've gotta break the rules a little and throw out some shout outs to some other wonderful followers who always have the kindest things to say about our crazy ideas :)

Thank you to:
Mor Zrihen at A Teacher's Treasure
Mrs. Cupcake at A Cupcake for the Teacher

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR AMAZING FOLLOWERS!  You truly mean the world to us and I can't tell you how much we appreciate your kindness and support :)  Beth and I literally called each other freaking out when we hit 200 followers!  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and make sure to enter our $50 gift card giveaway {HERE}!

Happy almost Friday friends! :)


Mrs. Cupcake said...

You're welcome!!! Thanks for the shout out girls! And congrats on the award, you ARE awesome!!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Thanks, girls! You guys are so awesome!! You've made my night! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Miss T said...

You are more than welcome! You girls rock :) Thanks for the love!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

aw - thanks for the shout out!!
The Teachers’ Cauldron

Courtney Bartlett said...

Thanks to you too. You are always so sweet.

Swimming into Second

Ebuck said...

Thanks! I'm feeling the love. I'm telling you...if it weren't for all of the support we find in blogger land, my job would be way more stressful. =)

Second Grade Silliness 

Kelley Cirrito said...

Aww thanks for the shout out!!! You are too sweet! Have a great Friday!!!

Tarra Mackelson said...

You girls are so cute! Thanks for the shout out! You made my day and filled my bucket!


meadowt said...

Love your blog! I am your newest follower.

Christina Bainbridge said...

Awwww! Thanks!!!!!!!!! This is my first "follower" award and I'm super excited! You ladies have a great blog... keep up the great work!

Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

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