Thursday, January 5, 2012

All You Need is Love and Valentine's Day FREEBIES!!! :)

Hi All!  I'm not gonna make this a long note, just wanted to let you know that I developed a HUGE packet of FREEBIES for you because I like you so much!!! :)  Hope you find them useful in your class and keep checking back for more ideas and freebies!

P.S.  If you download, can you leave some love in the comment section :)
Thanks, L :)
{FREE} Valentine's Day Themed Math and Literacy Activities

{FREE} Huge Packet of Valentine's Day Themed Math and Literacy Activities!

*27 different activities, 51 pages, and a Valentine's Day book list!*

Here is the Table of Contents:

Skip Counting By 5s Cards (up to 100) pgs...4-7

Odd and Even Sweets Recording Sheet and Sorting Cards (up to 300) pgs...8-12

Skip Counting By 100s Cards (up to 1000) pgs...13-14

Conversation Heart Math and Bar Graph pgs..15-16

Sweet Shop Math: Addition Up To 20 Worksheet pg...17

Sweet Shop Math: Subtraction Up To 20 Worksheet pg...18

Sight Word Sweet Shop Tic-Tac-Toe pgs...19-20

Addition Facts Cupcake Puzzles pgs...21-23

Valentine's Day ABC Order pg...24

"Oh No!" A Sweet Shop Sight Word Game pgs..25-28

Valentine Acrostic Poem pg...29

Love Acrostic Poem pg...30

My Valentine Writing pg...31

All You Need Is Love Writing pg...32

My Fantastic Friend Writing pg...33

Admiration Writing pg...34

Five Things I Love List pg...35

Valentine's Day Circle Map pg...36

Candy Circle Map pg...37

Cupcake Sentence Builder Bubble Map pg...38

Gumball Sentence Builder Bubble Map pg...39

Ladybug Sentence Builder Bubble Map pg...40

Valentine's Day Tree Map pg...41

Sweet Shop: Gumball Machine Brace Map pg...42

Ladybug Brace Map pg...43

Ladybug Bubble Map pg...44

Ladybug Compound Work Puzzles pgs...45-50

Valentine's Day Book List pg...51
A great list of teacher-approved books for a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration! :)

Click Here to Download the Valentine's Day Themed Math and Literacy Activities:


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This is awesome! Thank you!!
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This looks FABULOUS! Thanks for offering all of this for FREE!!!

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Wow! This looks amazing! I may use some of these pages with my kinder who is reading WAY above grade level. We are working on challenging him in writing. Some of these will be perfect for him.

Thank you!

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This is wonderful! I love the activities you have put together here! We are continuing to work on odd and even, so I think we will start there! Thank you!

Patti White said...

Lisa & Beth,
You girls rock! What a great freebie. I teach 3rd grade & I know I'll be using several of these activities. I saw your post saying that you found and joined my blog and I am doing the same. Your blog is so cute! You gals are off to a great start! I would also love for you to visit my TpT store and grab some of my freebies!
Thanks Again!

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You can bet your bottom (and top) dollar that I am ALL over this freebie!!

You girls are TOTES FAB (Paul Rudd, "I love you, man")??

Seriously, I LOVE your blog and I LOVE all your sweet comments over my way!!


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Wow! Thanks a million! Classroom Freebies and other blogs have been my best friends since changing grade levels. I was a K teacher and moving grades means needing new ideas!

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