Friday, January 27, 2012

50 pages of Reader's Response Template {FREEBIES}!

Happy Friday friends!!! I'm so glad it's Friday night and the weekend again, aren't you?!?!  This week has been kinda brutal, but I've still got my smile on so we're good!  As I previously mentioned I'm "kinda" obsessed with Thinking Maps.  Since my training three years ago, I still write my grocery list in a Tree Map sorted by aisles...hehe :)  I don't think the hubs has still figured that out though! :)

So, after the HUGE response for the behavior management Thinking Maps we created last week I knew we had to make some Reader's Response maps for our FAB followers.  What I've really noticed with my students this year is that they are very fluent and accurate readers with lots of decoding strategies, but they are lacking in comprehension. 

Here's a student in Beth's class working on the skill of questioning using one of the templates on her Smartboard.
We've been working in Reader's Notebooks (more on that another day), but I was finding that they struggled with actually drawing some of the maps still.  What I have for you this evening is 50 pages of Reader's Response Thinking Maps templates {FREE}!  The comprehension strategies I focused on were: making connections, visualizing, inferring, predicting, summarizing/retelling, and questioning.  Even if you don't use Thinking Maps in your classroom, they are simple enough to use in a reading mini lesson on the Smartboard, in a strategy based guided reading lesson, or just as a comprehension building activity.  I hope you LOVE them as much as my kiddos did and I hope they are helpful to you in your classroom!

Here are some examples of the templates, click {HERE} or on the photos below to download!

Here's what included:

Visualizing pgs. 4 -10
Setting Circle Map - 5
Events Circle Map - 6
Character Circle Map - 7
Setting Brace Map - 8
Visualizing using a Bridge Map - 9
Visualizing using a Multi Flow - 10
Predicting/Inferring pgs. 11 - 21
Schema Multi Flow Map - 12
Prediction Circle Map - 13
Events Multi Flow - 14
Predicting using an event Multi Flow - 15
Predicting using a retelling Multi Flow - 16
Inferring about a character Circle Map - 17
Inferring using a Multi Flow Map - 18
Inferring using a Circle Map -19
Inferring using a Bubble Map - 20
Inferring using a Bridge Map - 21
Questioning pgs. 22 - 30
Questioning using a Circle Map - 23
Questioning using a Tree Map - 24 - 25
Answered/Unanswered Questions Tree Map - 26
Questions answered in text Tree Map - 27
Before, During, After Questions in a
Tree Map - 28
Meaningful vs. None-Meaningful Questions in a Tree Map - 29
I Wonder Questions Tree Map - 30
Making Connections pgs. 31 - 40
Text-to-Self Connections Circle Map - 32
Meaningful vs. Non-Meaningful Connections Tree Map - 33
Tree Map of different connections - 34
Text-to-Self Connections Bridge Map - 35
Text-to-Text Connections Bridge Map - 36
Text-to-Text Connections Bridge Map - 37
Text-to-World Bridge Map - 38
Text-to-Text Double Bubble Map
with characters - 39
Text-to-Text Double Bubble Map with events - 40
Summarizing/Retelling pgs. 41 - 49
Summarizing using a Flow Map - 43
Retelling using a Flow Map - 44
Summarizing in a Tree Map - 45- 46
Main Idea Tree Map - 47 - 48
Summarizing Multi Flow Map - 49
Thank you - 50

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!! :)  If you haven't had a chance to enter our $50 mega giveaway ending next Wednesday, make sure you CLICK HERE :)


Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

I am LOVING these! Our school is a Thinking Maps school, and if I ever move, I think I'll still carry the maps with me everywhere I go!

♥ Jen
The Teachers' Cauldron

Kelley Cirrito said...

Thanks for sharing!! You guys are great!! Have a super weekend!!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Just one word: Awesome!!
First Grade Blue SKies

~Stephanie said...

LOVE this!!!!!! I just pinned it :)

Teaching in Room 6

Pat's Paper Passion said...

THANK YOU!! Can hardly wait until Monday to use the connection map.

A Time to Share & Create


Fabulous 4th Grade

Holly said...

I grabbed them before you changed your mind and decided to SELL them...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!

Thanks for the smiles and hugs!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Dawn De Lorenzo said...

Wow...thank you so much!!!

Lisa at Stories From Second said...

I'm just now starting to learn about thinking maps, so I'm loving this freebie!
Stories From Second

Gladys said...

These are great!

S. Parker said...

These are amazing. Thank you for sharing your hard work with others. I will be using them with my students soon!

Amber Polk said...

This is awesome! Thanks!!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Bubble Toes said...

This is extremely useful. I love thinking maps and our school is devoted to using them as much as possible. Thank you so much!!!

A Teacher's Treasure said...

These are awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop

abby said...

These look great!! Just found your blog (love it!) and am your newest follower :)


Jess said...

Thank you so much! These are going to help with my above grade level students during enrichment time.
Rambling About Reading

Jessica said...

These look amazing!! Seriously I can't wait to use these. Thank you so much for providing an great resource.

Apples and Papers

Mrs. Stelzel's Class said...

They are indeed wonderful. But you might want to correct pages 39-40. Those are actually double bubble maps. Your title calls them bridge maps.

Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

Thank you so much for letting us know! I fixed the two titles and would be happy to email you the new file if you leave your email address! Have a great day!

Lisa :)

Valerie said...

This is amazing and will be very useful for my grade 4 students!
Thanks a bunch,

Grow Up Learning

The Bubblegum Tree said...

WOW! What a GREAT freebie! I love, love, love, this - thanks for sharing!

Stacy said...

I can NOT believe you are giving all of these goodies away!! YOU my dear are awesom, if it hadn't been for Friday afternoon I think I would have been in tear, it has been THAT kind of a week!

Have a wonderful weekend and THANKS for being awesome!

2nd Grade Paradise

Stacy said...

see?? I can't even spell correctly... sorry! :(

Twinkie Momma said...

Thank you SO much! I used to teach at a Thinking Maps school and now I teach in college. Guess what?? Still use the Thinking Maps! I love them. These are fabulous!

Mrs. Clancy said...

This download is amazing!!! I just started using Thinking Maps LOVE It!

Christina C. said...

For some reason when I click on the link above it takes me to teacherspayteachers, however, it takes me to the homepage and not to the resource. Hopefully it will be fixed because this looks like an awesome freebie! Thank you for all your work! :)

jen said...

Ugh! I can't seem to get to them! Any tips?

Lauren Perkins said...

I am experiencing the same problem as you ladies! Dying to get my hands on these wonderful worksheets!

Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

I needed to update the product so the link was down. Sorry, I have been going through chemotherapy and it was a little more time consuming than I thought it would be :) The link is fixed and should be working. If not, leave us a message on TpT with your email address and we will be happy to email the packet to you :)

Thanks :)
Lisa :)

Kristin said...

I came across your blog this morning on Pinterest and was stunned to find that you have taken most, if not all, of the strategy lessons that CLEARLY come from the book THINKING MAPS: COMPREHENSION STRATEGIES FOR CONSTRUCTING MEANING by Stefanie Holzman, Kathleen Pekar, and Kristin Clark (that would be me) and passed them off as your own. Every example you have "come up with" and made a template for is directly from my book.

First, you are plagiarizing. There is no mention of our book anywhere in this post, and you are not correcting all of the previous commenters when they gave you kudos for all of your hard work. Copying someone else's work and putting it on another piece of paper is not hard work.

Second, this is copyrighted material. You cannot make templates and give them out to the masses. My co-authors and I spent hundreds of hours on this book. It is disappointing that you feel like you can just take it...I am asking you to do the right thing and take the templates off of your blog and the teachers pay teachers website. Believe me, I want everyone to use our strategies because that is what is best for kids. I love that you use them in your classroom and make them your own, but it is not your right to give them out.


Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

Dear Kristin,

Please let me tell you how sorry and deeply saddened I am by your comment. Four years ago I was trained in TM and developed a HUGE love for them. After my one week of training, I've had no further training besides WFTB. Sadly, I've never seen your book, but I wish I would have because I would have certainly purchased it (and if it has all those templates, I'm sure it's awesome) :)

I created these maps 2 years ago (I'm not sure when your book came out?) to finish my master's thesis in reading about using TM and reading comprehension strategies in reader's response notebooks to promote comprehension (unfortunately this was my last wish). I was diagnosed with terminal cancer (uveal melanoma, a freak genetic mutation at 27) during my last semester and have slowly begun to fade in the last few months since the treatments have stopped working. To be honest, I was so upset by your comment (I'm actually crying now) that I sent my husband back from the out of state hospital I'm staying in while finsihing yet another clinic trial that isn't working) to retrieve the laptop from our room at Ronald McDonald house so I could respond and tell you how sorry I am that you thought I plagiarized your hard work. I've had my work plagiarized and I can understand how upset you are. I honestly just have a love of TM and reading and created them out of love. If I would have seen your book or recieved further TM training, I would have NEVER put the maps out there and would have sent people out to buy your book. Obviously, I was not trying to profit from the maps since they were free. I just want to express how deeply sorry I am again that I hurt you and your co-authors, that was never my intention. I created these long ago and was always one of those teachers that wanted to share and learn from other great teachers. We just started blogging in January because we wanted to be a part of that wonderful community of people. I would like to assure you that I will be taking the maps down from TpT after I publish this and I will be stopping this blog and deleting it at the end of the week since I will not be around long to run it much longer anyway.

It was a pleasure speaking with someone who obviously truly loves TM and reading as much as I do and I'm so sorry we could not have spoken on better terms. Please let your co-authors know I that I had never seen or heard of your book, how very sorry I am that I hurt you, and how much I respect all you for your hard work, great TM ideas, and your love of reading :) If you would like to continue this conversation, I will provide you with my personal email address and you can contact me through there or you can email me and I would be happy to provide you with my cell phone number so we can speak "in person" instead of electronically if you wish.

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I truly wish you a happy TM filled life :)

Lisa :)

jen said...

HI Lisa and Beth,

I cannot get the thinking maps on TPT anymore! I am so sad! Is there anyway I can still get them from you? I would be more than happy to pay for them. I LOVE my TM's and try to incorporate them every week. Please let me know. My email is

Thanks ladies!

Tymesha Williams said...

I would love to use these thinking maps in my classroom. However I can't get to your TPT page. Please email the TM to me at Thank you so much!

Tymesha Williams said...

Hi Mrs. Stelzel,
I really could use the thinking maps. If you have a copy and don't mind sharing, please send a copy to my email. My email address is Thanks!

Nichole Krieger said...

I cannot get these thinking maps. Could I please get a copy at Thanks!

Kirsten Cook said...

I would love to know where I can get/buy a copy of these thinking maps. I know my kids would absolutely love them. Please can you send me a copy at Thanks!

kecias said...

I'm not sure if these are still available, but I also would love a copy of all of them and would be willing to pay! Thank you, and I wish you the best! My e-mail is! Thank you again! Kecia

Kristi said...

I too would love a copy. Please update and let us know if this is still available! SoCalScrapper @

rustyanddenise said...

Hello:) I would love a copy as well. My email is Thank you so much:)

ESL Teacher said...

Would it be possible for me to get a copy too? I'd really appreciate it! My email is Thank you!

Mrs. Liz said...

I would love a copy of these too! I couldn't find your TPT store either. These look awesome! If I could get a copy, that'd be great!

Mr. Breese's Class - Hollydale Elementary said...

I would love a copy of the thinking maps too! You weren't selling or passing them off as your own so I don't know why that poster was freaking out. I don't see it as being any different than people sharing Daily 5 resources. I would love a copy of them...please!

PeteB said...

Could you please send me a copy of your thinking maps? My e-mail is I would be so grateful. Thank you. :-)

Darcia said...

My e-mail address is
if you could please send me a copy of your thinking maps - they look wonderful!!

Darcia said...

Hi Kristin,
I can't find your thinking maps package on tpt. Are they still available?

TheBilogistsWife said...

Hello! I could not locate your TPT store. Could you please e-mail me your Thinking Map packet? I hope everything is going okay for you. Thanks.

Priscilla Hurst said...

Please send me a copy of your thinking maps!

Thank you!

Estee Marie said...

I hate to add yet another request...but please could I get the packet as well?
Thanks sooo much!

Nancy said...

Hi there, I couldn't locate the thinking maps packet. Is there any way I can also receive a copy? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!

Claudia Madrid said...

Hello Ladies, kudos on a great blog! I can't locate the thinking maps packet. Can you email them to me at Thanks a bunch!

Unknown said...

Hi Ladies! I found your blog on Pinterest and thing it is wonderful! I would love to use these in my classroom. Could you e-mail them to me at Thank you!

Brittany Bermingham said...

Interesting that I cannot find an active link that will work for Kristin's book, Thinking Maps: Comprehension Strategies for Constructing Meaning, anywhere on the internet for purchase. It was on Amazon but is now out of stock and the webpage states that it may not be restocked. If the authors want people to be aware of their item and purchase it, they may want to rethink how people can buy it.
Also, for those of you sending your email for these templates, the LONG above comments clarify that the item has been removed by the creator, Lisa, due to the accusations by Kristin.

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