Friday, January 13, 2012

Beth is Breaking the Ice! OH and a Lesson Plan Template

T.G.I.F Blog Friends!

If you work in the Metro-Detroit area there is a bit of a teacher legend. In our parts we call her “THE Lisa Lizak.” She does AMAZING things with Thinking Maps, is always rocking an educationally inspired costume and does some pretty ingenious things with a guided reading group. So, when THE Lisa Lizak asks you to write a blog with her, you don’t say no.

Instead, you get really intimidated and shy.

But, Lisa encourages you and you write your first blog post. SO, if this seems different it’s because Beth Wright is behind the keyboard tonight!

As a routine blog stalker, I love when my Teacher Heroes share their lesson plans. I feel like I get to know how that person organizes a classroom and how she crams it all in one day.

As my first blog post I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my first/second grade split!
The image below will take you to a PDF of my plans for this week.

Click HERE to view an example of my lesson plans for the week :)
(I save my lessons side by side in a binder that opens like the image above... More on that soon!)

If you think you can use these lesson plans you’re welcome to download a copy for yourself at Lisa’s TPT! 

The template has been changed to the Century Gothic font so it can be opened on all computers. We uploaded a Word version so you’re welcome to modify all you please.

Hopefully this can help you in your classroom!! 

Enjoy your weekend and remember to enter our $25 GIFTCARD GIVEAWAY!!! :)


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Nice to meet you, Beth! =)
Your plans look great!
First Grade Blue SKies

Christina Bainbridge said...

I didn't realize you had a 1/2 split too- I appreciate seeing your lesson plans... you must do Everyday Math... my math plans for my 2nd graders are the same! :) My 1st graders are a little behind... we just did the data day in unit 4 yesterday.

Thanks for sharing how you keep organized! Do you do everything together except for math?

Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

We split for reading too.. Our guided reading plans are on a template from ProTeacher... In reading we use the fabulous Bainbridge animal cards coupled with Meacham's Reader's Units and differentiate extensions and stories by grade level. Only math has two different curriculums... If that even makes sense!

Lisa at Stories From Second said...

Thanks for sharing your template! :) I'm always looking for better ways to organize my lesson plans!
Stories From Second

Tarra Mackelson said...

Thanks for sharing your Lesson Plan template Beth! I like the layout and could see myself using something similar! I like how you have the entire week on just two pages, what a great way to conserve paper and condense your thinking.

Your blog is looking great! I entered your giveaway! Have a wonderful evening ladies!


dmckoy said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your plans. What do you make them with? Do you use Excel?
Stay Warm!

AMTeacher said...

Thanks for sharing, I am looking for a better way to organize my plans and really like your set up.

Beach Teacher said...

I am very excited to come across your blog tonight:) I also teach a 1st/2nd grade split in the Detroit area. It is great to come across someone else in the area teaching a 1st/2nd split! I am looking forward to learning from you:) I also have a blog: I do not add to it as much as I should but I am planning on adding to it more. Looking forward to learning and sharing with you! :)

Miss J said...

Love your plans!! Thanks for sharing.

Miss J

Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

Anonymous said...

I love your lesson plan template....I'm moving to 1st grade in the fall and this is an awesome find for me!! Thanks so much!

TeachK said...

I love the lesson plans.....can i ask you what fonts you use for yours. I am a font addict.LOL

Thank you


Mrs.Wills said...

Hi I really would love to use your template however I am having trouble finding it in TPT can you email it to me?

Thank You

Gina Montano said...

Hello, I am having trouble finding your lesson plan in TPT. Can you please email it to me?
Thank you!

Kristin :) said...

Hi! I really liked your lesson plan template, but I'm having a hard time finding it in TPT. Would you be able to email it to me? I would so greatly appreciate it! :) Thank you!!

Cammie said...

Will you please email me your lesson plan template?? I can't find on TPT. Thank you!

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