Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Please Not Thay Again! (Word Jail)

Since we’ve started this little young thing, I have GREATLY neglected my gradebook! Papers are still getting checked, but I’ve been slacking at actually entering them…. SOOOOOO, my gradebook and I are spending some quality time this Tuesday. She was feeling more than a little neglected....

BUT, I need a break! So I thought I would pop in to quickly share this with you!

Over the summer I came across this super cute Word Jail on Mrs. Cooley’s First Grader at Last Blog! I immediately knew this idea was for me! (I mean how many times can I circle thay!) I thought this would be a great way to make correct spellings stick!

Link to the AMAZING 1st Grader at Last Original Word Jail

My Word Jail usually hangs beside my Smartboard so we can lock up offending words at any random moment! However, I was without a camera and decided to just roll her up and bring her home to get a photo!

Clicking this photo will take you to a .pdf

The image below will take you to a download of the words my class has done so far. I uploaded the Powerpoint file so you can modify it for you own words. The font is Smiley Monster available HERE!

Taking this photo will take you to the Powerpoint.
Oh well, back to gradebook….ugh!


Mrs. Cupcake said...

What a fun idea!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Very cute...and my gradebook hates me. (the feeling is mutual though! lol) Jennifer
First Grade Blue Skies

Tarra Mackelson said...

Too cute! LOVE the idea! Thanks for sharing!


Courtney Bartlett said...

I have a word jail hanging on my wall. I was getting sick of "thay" and "git" too. I love it when one of my kids comes across and word and says, "This word should be in jail."

Swimming into Second

Tricia said...

Cute idea. I teach kindergarten so I am thrilled to see even the jailbird words. However, thanks to the Nintendo people young writers now think that wii spells we.

Queen with Class

Lisa at Stories From Second said...

Oh my goodness, love this! Thanks so much for sharing, I can't wait to get more colored ink and put this. :) I might even laminate it and I hate laminating! :)
Stories From Second

Kelley Cirrito said...

Love it!! I totally want to do this in my classroom! Thanks for sharing the idea! You are a rock star!!

Lori said...

This is a great idea!! I have to do this in my room. Thank you for sharing this fun, but needed idea!
Conversations in Literacy

Sandy said...

I LOVE the idea of Word Jail!!! In my class, "Word Jail" words are words that "don't follow the rule". Like the 'ou' in 'should' does not say 'ow', so it's a Word Jail word. Every time my kids discover a word jail word, they preface it with "Dun dun duuuunnnn" and then draw bars over the word to put it in "jail." I love your freebie! Thank you!!!

Mrs. Nunley said...

Love this! Thank you for sharing!!

First Grade Magic

Jodi said...

I love word jail :) I've used it in the past, but I have quite a few students this year with parents in jail, so I wasn't sure if it was the best reference for me to use this year :(

Fun In First

Lisa Howard said...

This jail thing has so many uses. I love it.

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- Lisa
a teachers bag of tricks

Ebuck said...

Hahahaha! My gradebook usually starts as little scraps of paper with grades on it for the first few weeks each quarter. Ugh!

Second Grade Silliness 

Christina Bainbridge said...

1.) What is a gradebook? ;)
2.) LOVE LOVE LOVE this! "uv" is my biggest teacher pet peeve... it's two letters, people!

Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

Lory Robinson said...

Love this word jail idea!
Cute :)

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