Friday, February 17, 2012

If You're Awesome and You Know It...Click Right Here!

Happy Friday Bloggy Buddies!  The weekend is here...YEAH!  And for us, a mid winter break...DOUBLE YEAH!  We are *loving* all of the Dr. Seuss inspired March is Reading Month goodies :)  Unfortunately for us, we {GASP} don't have the Seuss theme this year!  We're having a literacy carnival/circus as our theme.  So, here's the deal.  We'll be doing a HUGE actual carnival at the end of March with make and take activities and carnival themed literacy games for our families.  If you'd LOVE to share a great game we could play at our carnival or a super creative make and take idea that we can use all of our adorable carnival/circus clip art on...we're going to make it for you and post it here for FREE for all of your help!  We're looking for ideas for all elementary grade levels :)  So, if you're awesome and want some great freebies, leave us your idea in the comment section below and we'll be working on these over the break!

Also, if you haven't had a chance to enter our giveaway with the AMAZING Randi at Teach It With Class, click {HERE} because it ends tomorrow evening!  Have a great start to your weekend friends and we are looking forward to meeting up with all of our Michigan bloggy buddies on Sunday!


Emily said...

You could TOTALLY use "If I Ran the Circus" by Dr. Seuss. =) I organized our team's Dr. Seuss field day last year and created relay games for several Dr. Seuss books, but not that one. I think on some literacy ties. =)

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

Mrs. Youel said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck! I will search through my files and find what I can :) You may need to retheme it....will post/email ideas later (when I can get to my school files).

Adventures in Second Grade

Lori said...

I like that idea of a Literacy Carnival! How fun!
Conversations in Literacy

Miss Foote said...

We had a musical that was circus themed a couple of years ago. I tied it into my classroom and used a lot of ideas from this site

Also my co-teacher and I made little bags of popcorn and made a vendor-like get up and passed them out before the show.

Chickadee Jubilee

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss!! hehehe
I also have a Circus unit that I made that comes in just Literacy...
and Oriental Trading has ALL kinds of things carnival that you can get inspired by

P.s...I just downloaded y'alls thinking maps behavior management pack - would you mind if I shared that with my admin? I think they would like it since we are a TM school :) you can email me if you want -
♥ Jen
The Teachers' Cauldron

A Teacher's Treasure said...

What a great idea!!!! How about setting up different Carnival booths as different literacy centers?

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

We've done a Go Fish game with fishing rods and parents behind cardboard "sea"...the kids throw their lure over the sea wall and parents attach a prize.... ANother one is the toss and throw into giant holes painted like a lion's mouth or elephant's smile (if any of that makes
First Grade Blue Skies

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